This stuff is awesome!

Okay, don't laugh....I got some new foundation and it's totally from an info-mercial. I went hay-wire at the Ulta store this weekend. I have never been in there and it is pretty new, so I thought I would check it out to see if they had any decent products. It was similar to Sephora, but didn't have all the top brands...it did have a lot of nice stuff though and I was very impressed. I think I was in there at least 2.5 hours. I bought the ID Bare Escentuals foundation set (and I have set through the entire tv spot about it at an earlier date...you know how you get caught up in all that.).

Of course I had to run home and put on full make-up even though I was only hanging out with the dog that night. This sounds so cheesy, but my face was luminescent...no lie. I love this stuff. It is all powder based and is so easy and my skin looks very natural. I can't believe I bought it and I can't believe it is so awesome. I even wore it all day in the hot sweaty sun (then rain) on our shopping/scooting ride. And I still looked hot afterward. I am endorsing this stuff, it works and everyone should use it...no kidding.


TKinOKC said...

I've been thinking about getting some of that too. Maybe it was a different brand though???

amy said...

ohhh i have seen that on tv so many times and am always tempted. now that i know a real person likes it, i may have to go buy it. darn you pug lovin, scooter girl! i am trying to save my pennies :) it is bad enough you are making me want a vespa! eek!!!!! your blog is dangerous.