The coolest diaper bag ever

diaper bag, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

My girl, Cari, at MottoKitty (gotta give some props) made it for me. She makes the cutest bags. I wanted a cool diaper bag so we discussed all that I needed and she hooked me up. I wanted something I could use other than looking like a mommy bag, so we used my logo from my business cards and she made the design on my bag. I so love this. It's a must have and holds a ton! She'll make you one too...check her out...www.motokitty.com! She sent me a purse too which is darling. She's a scooter chick and in The Girlie Show...can't beat that.


Cathi said...

That bag is awesome, and can I just say, you look amazing! You can't even tell that you just had a baby.

Flynn is adorable- thanks for posting all of the pics!

Ms. M said...

I totally love it! I got one of her skirts from etsy. It is not exactly work- appropriate so I havent gotten to enjoy it yet. anyway... too cute. I love her bag with the eames LCW on it. It is a must have.