Self Portrait Tuesday

sling me, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Me and my angel.
I just got this new sling at Target...love it and so does the boy. It's real snug and keeps him close..looks like a little cocoon. My girl Amy is gonna make me another one too, but in black...I got some kickin' fabric at ReproDepot...can't wait to wear that one. It's fun to wear him around in it...and he just looks up at me and checks out the house and what's going on...so sweet.


mames said...

target, huh? i'll have to check it out. i just scrolled through your posts and your little guy is a doll. i had twins at 36 weeks, good sized though our littler guy was 4.12. whew, that seems so small. now
they are so big and growing so fast. mama-hood is great, isn't it? congrats. (found you via dog steals yarn.)

mames said...

nope, not dogs steal yarn (that was before pinku) sorry, i claim mama brain.

tayduran said...

Aww. Look at those wide eyes. He's so cute.

BTW, those are the best damn passies ever. Once they get hooked on that kind they don't want any others.