My little goober pea

Baby Wardrobe Remix, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

This baby is so funny. I'm still laughing over this pose. Of course the pants are huge on him and up to his armpits, but I love him. And, his socks are finally fitting him. He can't wear his preemie stuff anymore...whoo hoo. We're growing up! He's over 6 pounds...going to get weighed this week to see where he's at.

I started back to work last week, I totally cried the first day...it was so bizarre leaving him after being with him 24/7. I'm okay now, but do miss his little sweet face. I would rather be with him, but ya know, ya gotta pay the bills sometimes....sucks!

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Ms. M said...

those pants are hillarious!!! too funny. Love the little pooches on em. And those little socks are so cute. I dont know the expression he has - first thing I thought was "constipation or otherwise" hehe :) he is adorable. so lucky to have him ;)