I'm on a Roll

little pants, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Another knitted project is in the works...whoo hoo!
I've started some little pants for my boy. For some reason "they" don't make black clothing for babies, so I'm makin' my own thank you! Maybe it's the spit-up factor. These have been on my list for some time. I'm using some cheap-o yarn but it's real soft...Caron Simply Soft. The pattern is adapted from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts"...I've made it a ribbed cuff instead of a seed stitch. I'm not a huge fan of the seed stitch look...it's "old lady" to me for some reason. I'm proud of myself for getting back into my knitting projects. I feel very productive doing so. And then of course my precious will look adorable in these...hoping they fit by the time I've finished making them!

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