Ye ol' Chevron Scarf

domesticat chevron scarf, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

I'm just dying to knit one of those chevron scarves...especially since I'm not getting around to picking up the sock project for a while, I'll just use a skein of that yarn to make one of these. I hear they are fairly easy to make too and judging from Domesticat's free pattern, it seems pretty doable. So, after I finish Little Mister's pants (hopefully over the holiday weekend) I will get started on one of these. They are just gorgeous. There is a new girl, Courtney, at SnB that has worked on one and Amy at Good to be Girl has inspired me yet again today to get movin' on it.

PS: Just checked and there are now only a little over 4,000 people ahead of me to get on Ravelry. It's moving fairly "fast".


mommacurran said...

this may be my first after christmas project.

did you finish those pants? i can't wait to see them.

Happy Thanksgiving

jen o said...

i've been working on a chevron/ripple scarf for months! well, "working on" is a term i use loosely. i picked it up last week and had forgotten the chevron pattern. hadn't even written it down anywhere. gah!