Over the river & through the woods

Flynnie's 1st Thanksgiving, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Flynn experienced (as well as the two of us) his first airplane ride to grandmothers house this past weekend for Thanksgiving. He is the most amazing child ever. Not a squeek or a peep from him on the 4:30am trip to the airport. He just hung out and looked outside the window, ate and fell asleep and did the same thing coming home.

We had a great time at his grandmother's...a beautiful turkey and delicious gourmet dinner. She's a great cook! Lots of naps were had by all. And, a gorgeous snow Thanksgiving night. It was a good time!

We got to shop a little. I have my favorite shops in Santa Fe I like to go to when we visit. There is a darling upscale baby shop called Gypsy Baby. We got Flynnie a little red knit robot baby. He absolutely loves that thing...one of our best purchases to date.

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meg said...

So glad it was a good trip. He's such an adorable little dude.