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I've already found some of you and made you my BFF...So, look for me too (Knitterista). I'm already beside myself about this thang. Yippie!


Over the river & through the woods

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Flynn experienced (as well as the two of us) his first airplane ride to grandmothers house this past weekend for Thanksgiving. He is the most amazing child ever. Not a squeek or a peep from him on the 4:30am trip to the airport. He just hung out and looked outside the window, ate and fell asleep and did the same thing coming home.

We had a great time at his grandmother's...a beautiful turkey and delicious gourmet dinner. She's a great cook! Lots of naps were had by all. And, a gorgeous snow Thanksgiving night. It was a good time!

We got to shop a little. I have my favorite shops in Santa Fe I like to go to when we visit. There is a darling upscale baby shop called Gypsy Baby. We got Flynnie a little red knit robot baby. He absolutely loves that thing...one of our best purchases to date.

For all you cupcake lovers...

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This is the cutes thing ever (besides my little man)...an Airstream Cupcake stand called Hey Cupcake. I didn't get to eat any cupcakes, but it was strategically placed, not only on South Congress in Austin, but across the street from one of my favorite yarn shops, Hill Country Weavers. I went to Austin 2 weekends ago to hangout with my Girlies. We missed Stitch this year, but the trip was still fun!


Ye ol' Chevron Scarf

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I'm just dying to knit one of those chevron scarves...especially since I'm not getting around to picking up the sock project for a while, I'll just use a skein of that yarn to make one of these. I hear they are fairly easy to make too and judging from Domesticat's free pattern, it seems pretty doable. So, after I finish Little Mister's pants (hopefully over the holiday weekend) I will get started on one of these. They are just gorgeous. There is a new girl, Courtney, at SnB that has worked on one and Amy at Good to be Girl has inspired me yet again today to get movin' on it.

PS: Just checked and there are now only a little over 4,000 people ahead of me to get on Ravelry. It's moving fairly "fast".



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I should have signed up for this months ago...but was too busy at the time to deal with one other online project. But, now that I am getting back into the groove of life I'm ready and they are. Dang. Last week I was like number 9,500 or something. These are my stats of today...

* You signed up on November 8, 2007
* You are #54727 on the list.
* 8266 people are ahead of you in line.
* 3063 people are behind you in line.
* 80% of the list has been invited so far

Now I understand why knitting bloggers were so excited when they were invited to be on...cause it took so freaking long...uggggghhhh. I'm not so much of a patient kind of girl. Drats!


I'm on a Roll

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Another knitted project is in the works...whoo hoo!
I've started some little pants for my boy. For some reason "they" don't make black clothing for babies, so I'm makin' my own thank you! Maybe it's the spit-up factor. These have been on my list for some time. I'm using some cheap-o yarn but it's real soft...Caron Simply Soft. The pattern is adapted from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts"...I've made it a ribbed cuff instead of a seed stitch. I'm not a huge fan of the seed stitch look...it's "old lady" to me for some reason. I'm proud of myself for getting back into my knitting projects. I feel very productive doing so. And then of course my precious will look adorable in these...hoping they fit by the time I've finished making them!

Self Portrait Tuesday 111307

Self Portrait Tuesday 111307, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

I went home for lunch to see my bitty boy and put him in his sling so I could make a sandwich...he fell to sleep instantly...my sweet heart!


My first knitted gift for Flynn

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I finished the beanie hat for bitty boy. I adapted it from the SnB book pattern. He looked so freakin' cute in this yesterday. He loves wearing hats...he thinks it's funny. Now I'm working on black knitted pants for him. They don't make anything in black for babies so I guess I'll make my own.


Okay, I lied

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My next post wasn't of a knitted project, but the next one after this will be. I had forgotten to show off my little swarm of bumble bees. The littlest one is fast asleep after only trick or treating a couple of houses...big and medium are in trouble cause the shook off their hats. But they all are still the most precious ever! NOTE: Ape (Ah-pey) our oldest pug means "bee" in Italian. Bees are our good luck charm.

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I'm a knittin'

Okay, I finally had a moment to break open a book and start my knitting obsession again. I'm making Mr. baby boy a beanie...the umbilical cord hat sans the umbilical cord from Stitch n Bitch Handbook. I want to do a ribbed rim, but will do that on the next one. I am vowing to start going to knitting group regularly...went last week. It is something I totally and truly miss doing and am ready to get my head back into it. So, the next post will be a finished object...promise!



This is a great full show shot that the man took. I love this...it shows off the whole event and is so glittery and pretty and full of people buying amazing arts.

me and my girlies

For some reason we felt so calm about the show this year that we stopped at Starbucks for a coffee and a chit chat. This was right after a news interview so we were up at the crack that morning. We were all decked out in our girlie pink.

Flynnie's first Girlie Show ever on Saturday.

The Girlie Show Final Outfit

Wardrobe Remix 101307 evening, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

I went with Option #2. This was way more comfortable than the others, except the booties killed me...ugh! It was a great night. It was the best show we have had to date...great energy...great art, people, food, everything. It was perfect. Next year will be #5...oh, what to wear? Ha!