All my pretty new shoes...

yes, it is a bit extravagant...and I do feel guilty with the ol' buyers remorse, BUT...check it out. I got all of these shoes with the exception of 2 for $3.00. Yes, my pretties, I said $3.00 OR LESS. Can you believe it. I was doing a photo shoot for work last Friday in this podunk little town and at my exit there was a Wall's Bargain Center. I don't know if you have those in other states, but I was raised with them here in Oklahoma. It's a bit of a dig, but when you hunt, and sometimes you have to go often to catch the name brands, you can find some great buys...that are totally insane. Whenever you see a Wall's you have to stop...no matter what...and they are usually in the smaller towns.

(Look at my boy by the way checkin' out the goods.)

So, the week before I found two pairs of shoes (top right: Adidas and Nine West) which I thought were true finds at Ross Dress for Less. I hate going in that store, but make myself every now and then just so I don't miss anything. I had looked at those Nine West several months ago in the mall and didn't feel like paying $65 or up for them...I got each pair for $20...whoopie!

I put those to shame though with the Wall's score. I got some Frye and Camper style boots (Steve Madden's), which I was going to pay full price for anyway this fall. Those were actually $5 each. Then the other shoes are Rocket Dogs, Franco Sarto and some other brand I hadn't heard of but got 3 pairs of them...totally cool leathers. And, notice all but one are black...what's wrong with me?????? I bet I have 30 or more pair of shoes in my closet that are all the same color...black! I bought another pair of Rocket Dogs and a hot pair of Steve Madden patent leather ankle boots for deShan. So, I actually got 12 pairs of shoes this past week. That's crazy!!!

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Christine said...

Jealous! What a score! I'd love to visit the US and see these outlet stores people speak of. Looks like it puts our supposed discount mall to shame.