Lake Eufala weekend

This is the Captain of the ship for sure. Ape absolutely loved the water and didn't even mind wearing his life jacket...how cute is he anyway. He would just jump in he loved it so much...my little water baby. We had a great time! We got caught Saturday in a huge storm, we thought we were in a tornado for a while, it was so bad. Then Sunday we got lots of sun and burnt too. Our friends, Ben, Becky and Ape's girlfriend Betsy are great! We stayed at their lake house there. We will definately do it again. He loved the beach too and eating the waves.

As you can tell we were having so much fun on the lake, I had no down time for myself and got no knitting done... I was so looking forward to that. I did show Becky the One Skein Wonder pattern and of course she wants one too...no problem I said, just let me make one for me first. This next weekend, JD will be doing boy stuff, so I will get to do whatever I want...I'm watching movies and knitting...can't wait.


amylovie said...

It looks like a fun time was had by all. Your puppy in a life jacket...hilarious!

Katie said...

Just love the life jackets. My Jonty Pug was a swimmer in his youth, but didn't really like it all that much. Pugs are just so top-heavy, they aren't really built for it.