Look at my cute boy

Ape is such a cutie pie. We took him to see his girlfriend Betsy over the weekend and they went swimming. We tried on her lifejacket cause we are going to the lake with Betsy's parents next weekend and need to have one for him...it's in the mail...what a cute boy...he just loves playing in his pool.

I haven't done a lick of knitting lately and am just itchin' to get out the needles. I have been obsessed lately with reading. My girl deShan gave me 3 books by Anna Maxted - a British chick...and have read her first two...Running in Heels and Getting Over It...good girlie books. Now I'm reading up on the ol' South Beach Diet book...I've gotta get rid of the jelly rolls...it's getting to be over the top. We have got to start being healthy...we aren't getting any younger...yikes! I'm going to take the one skein wonder with me to the lake to work on, plus my 3rd and last Maxted book. It will be a nice weekend.


Pugknits said...

it's nice to see a pug who enjoys a dip. my two does not wanna get into anything that resembles a bath tub!

amylovie said...

Your shoes are INSANE! I would have went bananas in there. You baby is too cute.