Something Old

Just thought I would throw something on here I haven't shown before...I made this probably a year and a half ago...looks furry...it is because it's some kind of funky fur yarn...very soft. I wore it with a strapless long black dress, heels, pearls, tiara and Jackie O's to a showing of Breakfast at Tiffany's with some girlfriends who also did their best at dressing up for the occassion. It was fun.


Lake Eufala weekend

This is the Captain of the ship for sure. Ape absolutely loved the water and didn't even mind wearing his life jacket...how cute is he anyway. He would just jump in he loved it so much...my little water baby. We had a great time! We got caught Saturday in a huge storm, we thought we were in a tornado for a while, it was so bad. Then Sunday we got lots of sun and burnt too. Our friends, Ben, Becky and Ape's girlfriend Betsy are great! We stayed at their lake house there. We will definately do it again. He loved the beach too and eating the waves.

As you can tell we were having so much fun on the lake, I had no down time for myself and got no knitting done... I was so looking forward to that. I did show Becky the One Skein Wonder pattern and of course she wants one too...no problem I said, just let me make one for me first. This next weekend, JD will be doing boy stuff, so I will get to do whatever I want...I'm watching movies and knitting...can't wait.

Pooh swimming with Daddy...he liked to rest up on top of our chests so he didn't have to swim so hard.

the family at the lake

Betsy at the helm...she love doing this...that's the position she sleeps in too...crazy girl.

fishy gross...they caught a lot of fish that day.


To the lake with my knitting

I've been inspired by this adorable image by artist S. Britt for Bust Magazine. ..thought you all might like too. I just love this! I'm gonna do it...I'm gonna stop procrastinating and make the One Skein Wonder - or at least get started on it. I'm also taking the black capelet to the lake this weekend that I started in Austria. Wish me luck and no sun burns.


Check out the new pedi - I'm starting a new trend with the rhinestone on the big toe...everybody join in...very glittery...love it!


Another Swap

So, I'm doing this cd swap thing...yes, like I need one more swap to do...but it's easy and pretty cool. I just got my first cd in the mail yesterday...this knitting chick from Colorado. The majority of the participants happen to be knitters...you know...cause we're cool and everything. We are supposed to get 5 total from different people. I just burned mine this morning and am getting them out to Australia, Washington, Virginia, Woodstock and Calgary. It's awesome to meet new people like that. I did a compilation of new and obscure artists plus a lot of my fave 80's music...like Pretty in Pink (of course) and Voices Carry by 'Til Tuesday...good stuff. I will definately do the cd swap 3.


All my pretty new shoes...

yes, it is a bit extravagant...and I do feel guilty with the ol' buyers remorse, BUT...check it out. I got all of these shoes with the exception of 2 for $3.00. Yes, my pretties, I said $3.00 OR LESS. Can you believe it. I was doing a photo shoot for work last Friday in this podunk little town and at my exit there was a Wall's Bargain Center. I don't know if you have those in other states, but I was raised with them here in Oklahoma. It's a bit of a dig, but when you hunt, and sometimes you have to go often to catch the name brands, you can find some great buys...that are totally insane. Whenever you see a Wall's you have to stop...no matter what...and they are usually in the smaller towns.

(Look at my boy by the way checkin' out the goods.)

So, the week before I found two pairs of shoes (top right: Adidas and Nine West) which I thought were true finds at Ross Dress for Less. I hate going in that store, but make myself every now and then just so I don't miss anything. I had looked at those Nine West several months ago in the mall and didn't feel like paying $65 or up for them...I got each pair for $20...whoopie!

I put those to shame though with the Wall's score. I got some Frye and Camper style boots (Steve Madden's), which I was going to pay full price for anyway this fall. Those were actually $5 each. Then the other shoes are Rocket Dogs, Franco Sarto and some other brand I hadn't heard of but got 3 pairs of them...totally cool leathers. And, notice all but one are black...what's wrong with me?????? I bet I have 30 or more pair of shoes in my closet that are all the same color...black! I bought another pair of Rocket Dogs and a hot pair of Steve Madden patent leather ankle boots for deShan. So, I actually got 12 pairs of shoes this past week. That's crazy!!!

I've been looking for boots like this for scooter riding...These are perfect...I still can't believe I found them.

the Adidas and Nine West from Ross Dress for Less

They look a lot like Fleuvogs. I don't know how comfortable these will be, but they are hot and for $2.50, I couldn't leave them there. I could always sell them on ebay or something.

I had to try these on to give you the full affect...These are totally Betty.

Look at my cute boy

Ape is such a cutie pie. We took him to see his girlfriend Betsy over the weekend and they went swimming. We tried on her lifejacket cause we are going to the lake with Betsy's parents next weekend and need to have one for him...it's in the mail...what a cute boy...he just loves playing in his pool.

I haven't done a lick of knitting lately and am just itchin' to get out the needles. I have been obsessed lately with reading. My girl deShan gave me 3 books by Anna Maxted - a British chick...and have read her first two...Running in Heels and Getting Over It...good girlie books. Now I'm reading up on the ol' South Beach Diet book...I've gotta get rid of the jelly rolls...it's getting to be over the top. We have got to start being healthy...we aren't getting any younger...yikes! I'm going to take the one skein wonder with me to the lake to work on, plus my 3rd and last Maxted book. It will be a nice weekend.


Loving this!

Erin O'Connor is one of my favorite models...she looks very Italian...plus love the fashion, love the photography, love the hat and I love black and white stripes...so pretty!


Random Pug...ick

Now, that's kinda scary...

so is that...yikes! What's going on here? Those are some freaky tongues on those pugs. How does that happen?


Damn Doll

Of course I want one...and am waiting for one to arrive in the mail as we speak. How cute are these stupid Blythe dolls? I Love it. And, here I go again with something else to obsess over. I do like girlie dolls though. I have two McDonald Happy Meal mini hoochy Brat girls on my desk at work. These are just so rockin' though. I didn't give in to my big temptation though. I just got a cute little mini one...still $28 bucks...hello, but she has a little kimono and I love it. I can't wait til she comes. Check out these below that people fix up. They really do their hair and make up and stuff...just amazing.

the rock star even has a scooter...I'm dying. I found these photos at www.thisisblythe.com.

I know I'll break down and get a big one...they are just so cool I can't stand it! Look at her little highlighted hair-do! Check these out.


Scarlet, I mean my twin, I mean Scarlet stole my cashmere sweater. I have been dying for this scooter girl sweater, but of course it is cashmere and way too expensive...damn it. At least she has it...she is one of my favorite actresses sans leggins...and not someone stupid like Hillary Duff. I wonder if I can find it on sale somewhere...the search begins.

This turned out pretty cool. I had to have good light using the Lomo camera on it's test run. Some of the shots were way too grainy and dark since it doesn't use a flash. But this one of my scooter friend Toni turned out cool. I was laying down on a picnic table ready to crash from the long ride we just made at the recent River Rally.

They're Everywhere

Ok, then on Lost reruns last night, the Brit Rocker kid steps on a bee hive and gets stung like a hundred times...I tell ya, they're following me.


The Secret Life of Bees

What strange things...bees.

I have come to believe there is a bit of luck in bees...I think they are following me or something, like guardians. As it is clear to see...I love my dog, Ape (Ah-pey). He is the sweetest prettiest little snot. His name means “Bee” in Italian. And, it totally fits him how he bounces and flits around with his little booty and curly tail…so cute. We chose that name because, in the scooter world, a Vespa (Italian motor scooter) which means “Wasp”. I thought that was too obvious of a name, as was Scooter, Spark Plug and any other cheeseball scooter-related word that we came up with while brainstorming. An Ape is a three-wheeled Vespa, made by the same company which usually has a back bed to it.

The bee has kinda become my theme symbol because 1) it is a majestic and pretty thing and 2) it reminds me of my boy. Maybe I have just noticed bees more or maybe they are a sign or something. It’s been a little bizzaro how they are popping up everywhere.

It all started when my girlfriend, deShan, gave me a book to take with me to Europe on my birthday, May 18. It’s called The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. She said it just had to be passed on…as I have done already…a good book with all kinds of references to bees.

Great Book!

Then, I found some tiny little bee charms I wanted to incorporate into a simple silver chain necklace I could wear as an every-day to Europe. I think I’m going to use them on all my jewelry and knitwear now as symbols.

Before we left town, I was walking Ape and where he goes to potty is bed of ivy he loves to jump and play in. There were bumble bees throughout and they didn’t bother him at all…kinda like he was part of the family or something.

On the plane, in the on-board magazine was a feature on t-shirts and one of them had a cute bee on it (www.beetees.com).

Everyday in Austria, while we are having breakfast, we are surrounded by lovely flowering pots and there were bees joining us for tea. Bees were in and on everything, whether real or painted or on clothing…whatever. They were prominent in our world and still are.

Besides all that, I absolutely love honey.

I’ve decided, they, along with my pug baby are my lucky charms…maybe they’ll bring be great fortune one day…you never know…sweet bees.

This is a vintage Ape motor scooter (kind of like a rickshaw ) that has been restored and is absolutely gorgeous...look at that paneling...love it!


My Favorite Vacation Photo

What a crazy day this was. No, I'm not just hangin' out and doing a little knitting. We were stranded and knitting saved my life. On the first big day of the rally, Alex, the main organizer of Eurovespa loaned us his Vespa. We were going on the group ride to Italy for the afternoon and got to Villach, about 30 miles out of the gate, when the bike lost it....it totally died. So, for an hour and a half, here we are stranded on the side of the rode waiting for a pick up. It was actually a lovely place to wait. We had a great view of the country side with a pretty church in front of the mountains. But, thank goodness I brought my knitting that day. And, notice the sticker on my helmut (I Knit). That little capelet project made everything even a little better.

More vacation photos to come.