Dad's Day

The fam came up for Fathers' Day last weekend. We always play Chicken Foot dominos on these ocassions. Husband and Mom always compete to win, the rest of us are just there as pawns to help them beat each other. It's fun though. Ape had to play a hand with his Daddy. Enzo at one point was up there too...he has to be next to his brother at all times...what ever Ape does, Ennie does (notice the two of them in Gramma's lap). My boys are just the cutest.

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Heather said...

Yay! Another person that plays Chicken Foot!!! Now, how about washers??

Jennifer said...

i'd love to learn to play chicken foot...i come from a family of game-players, so that sounds like something we need to goodle and learn to play :)
and omg - that pic of ape in the chair at the table is too freakin' adorable! ur pugs are just so cute!!