Please, tell me no!

Check this out...this classy lady was actually drinking wine with a straw. Tell me that is not happening in public. What is wrong with people? We went to the Summer Soltice dinner at Cafe Nova and she was sitting next to us. Now, this is a very hip place and with a four-course meal, this is just so wrong...so of course I had to sneak and take an incognito photograph. I just love my little purse size camera. Now I can be a spy!

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amy said...

oh, that is horrible! i think it is soo funny you snapped a pic :) gave me a good chuckle. i bet the waiter about died when she asked for it!!

Shari said...

I agree with the straw in the wine however it may just be a medical issue. My dad suffered from parkinsons disease and had to drink everything from a straw as he shook so much to drink. Perhaps this is what this classy lady had to revert to.

Knitterista said...

Good point...she could have definately had a personal situation for doing it....could be anything. But, she did appear to be in good condition throughout the meal. Hard to hear about your dad.