Yeah for Tay!

The much awaited Tay joined SnB last night. He has been teasing us that he would come one day, but we didn't take him seriously of course...all talk, no do. So, he showed up and with needles and yarn in hand, ready to learn. Here he is in first-row pose. He was a little frustrated, as a new learner should be, but he said he will definately be back next week and he will even practice until then. Whoo hoo! The girls have a new boy! Excellent!

And, I'm knitting a denim blue checked baby blanket with Sirdar NOVA yarn ...but it may be really tiny as I don't think I can get any more of that yarn in town. Dang it.
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msfortuknit said...

thats so great! What a great time you guys must have!